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septembre 4th, 2022|A la une, Illustration, Web Design|

Medelse : L’agent des professionnels de la santé Créée en 2016, Medelse est la plateforme de missions pour les professionnels de santé libéraux. En tant qu’Agent, Medelse souhaite leur permettre ...

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Visual Communication

Project management, CG, video, web/appdesign, print, photograph, I work in all these fields for Ifremer, Sanofi Pasteur, Les Manèges à Bijoux, Trentotto, Mère Poule… Whatever the size of your company, my skills will adapt to your needs ! I have been teaching visual communication at the Toulouse School of Management ( formerly IAE ) since 2017, at Omnes Education ( formerly Inseec U. Lyon ) since 2019 and in various institutions where I teach technical subjects such as motion design, web interface design, or marketing analysis.

For more information on my professional background and skills, go to my LinkedIn profile.

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